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Advanced Marketing Solutions
• Personalization
• Variable Text, Images, Graphs
• Multiple Languages
• Data Modeling and Segmentation
• Dashboard and Customized Reporting
• Integration Across All Channels
• Enterprise Solutions for Brand Management
- Online Portals
- Archiving
- Data Management Solutions
- HIPAA Compliancy

What is an Advanced Marketing Solution?

Need to tell 200K+ people something important, but it needs to be a little different for each one? We do that.

Want to put different pictures on the same postcard going to three different audience segments? We do that.

Want to publish a personalized, custom-built email in English and Spanish? We do that.

Want to your annual campaign requests out in print, email and mobile without breaking your budget? We do that.

This may sound like a lot of things to you, but it’s not to us. We see all this as variable expressions of your database. We can teach you how to get more from the data you have and how to use it to please and engage your audience.

Bring us your database, and we’ll give it dance lessons.

Enterprise Solutions
One Brand, multiple locations, multiple users, multiple levels for approval, compliancy requirements -- enterprises have special requirements and need to work with an organization which understands the challenges.

We’ve helped multiple enterprises in healthcare, financial services and manufacturing put order to the chaos. We can help your organization better manage your brand and cost centers through our customized online ordering, distribution and tracking system.